This volume consists of five short articles on Roger Lyndon and his
contributions to mathematics, and twenty-seven invited research papers. The
research articles involve topics in combinatorial group theory and closely
related areas. Several of the articles fall into subfields of combinatorial
group theory in which much of the initial work was done by Lyndon. Most of
the rest are in areas in which he has made major contributions. It is a
tribute to Lyndon's mathematical breadth that papers covering such a wide
array of topics are all closely related to the work he has done.
The articles on Lyndon and his work include a biographical essay by
Kenneth Appel and expository articles by Saunders Mac Lane, John Ratcliffe,
Jerome Keisler, and Paul Schupp. Mac Lane describes the results in Lyndon's
doctoral thesis and explains how they fit into the early history of spectral
sequences. Ratcliffe describes Lyndon's fundamental work in cohomology of
groups in the early part of his career. Keisler discusses Lyndon's work in
logic, especially his fundamental results in model theory in the mid 1950s.
Schupp then describes Lyndon's work in group theory over the past twenty
The volume grew out of a desire by the editors to honor our teacher,
Roger Lyndon, on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday. It has been a
labor of love for us to gather together papers of solid mathematical interest
dedicated to Roger Lyndon by his students, colleagues and friends, all of
whom have shown great enthusiasm for this project.
We would like to thank all of the contributors and all the people who
have made this collection possible. All the papers in this volume have been
Kenneth I. Appel
John G. Ratcliffe
Paul E. Schupp
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