Over the past decade there have been very rapid developments of efficient al-
gorithms for scientific computing and related investigations of mathematical issues
for partial differential equations and image processing. As a result, many problems
in diverse application fields such as fluid dynamics, image processing, computer
vision, and computer graphics in the entertainment industry can now be routinely
simulated to high resolution. Stanley Osher has been in the forefront of many
of these developments, and has published many influential original works on high
resolution shock capturing schemes, level set methods, applications to multi-phase
flows, computer vision, TV based image restoration, just to name a few areas.
On the occasion of the 60th birthday of Stanley Osher, the International Con-
ference on Scientific Computing and Partial Differential Equations was held in Lam
Woo Conference Center, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong from December
12-15, 2002. The main goal of this conference is to review recent developments and
to explore exciting new directions in scientific computing and partial differential
equations for time dependent problems and its interaction with other fields such
as image processing, computer vision and graphics. An emphasis of this confer-
ence is the strong interaction of significant mathematics with advanced algorithms
applicable to real-world applications.
The conference attracted a number of leading scientists in computational PDEs
including Yann Brenier (CNRS Nice & Paris 6, France), Tony Chan (UCLA, USA),
Chia-Kun Chu (Columbia, USA), Bjorn Engquist (UCLA & Princeton, USA),
Yoshikazu Giga (Hokkaido, Japan), Roland Glowinski (Houston, USA), David Got-
tlieb (Brown, USA), Daniel Joseph (Minnesota, USA), Fanghua Lin (Courant Insti-
tute, NYU, USA), Barry Merriman (UCLA, USA), Guillermo Sapiro (Minnesota,
USA), Zhong-Ci Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Endre Suli (Oxford,
UK), Dimitri Vvedensky (Imperial College, London, UK), Zhouping Xin (Chinese
University, Hong Kong) and Takashi Yabe (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan).
also drew an international audience of 100. The detailed information including
invited speakers, organizing committee and conference programs can be found at
We are very grateful for the generous donations to support this conference given
by The Croucher Foundation, The Epson Foundation, Hong Kong Pei Hua Educa-
tion Foundation, K.C. Wong Education Foundation, The Hong Kong Mathematical
Society, Hong Kong Baptist University, Peking University, and PKU-HKBU Joint
Research Institute for Applied Mathematics ( JRIAM).
A number of staff at Hong Kong Baptist University worked together to handle
the detailed arrangements. We would especially like to thank Fred Hickernell,
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