Contents Preface vii List of participants ix Description of all closed maximal regular ideals in subalgebras of the algebra C(X A a) MART ABEL 1 Galbed Gelfand-Mazur algebras MATI ABEL 17 On Gelfand representation of topological algebras JORMA ARHIPPAINEN 25 Relations between numerical range and spectrum - The set of strongly positive elements THANASSIS CHRYSSAKIS 31 Some considerations about two properties related to measures of non compactness in Banach spaces HELGA FETTER AND BERTA GAMBOA DE BUEN 35 Regular inductive limits of locally complete spaces ARMANDO GARciA 43 On some more characterizations of Q-algebras RODIA HADJIGEORGIOU 49 Matrix representations of Ambrose algebras MARINA HARALAMPIDOU 63 Docile locally convex spaces JERZY KAKOL, STEPHEN A. SAXON, AND AARON R. TODD 73 On localizing topological algebras ANASTASIOS MALLIOS 79 Topological algebras and a-spectrum ANGEL MARTINEZ MELENDEZ 97 On some non convex topological algebras MOHAMED 0UDADESS 105 v
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