Speakers at the two sessions of the 2003 Annual Meeting of
the American Mathematical Society, held in Baltimore, and
the Wavelet Workshop held in College Park, Maryland,
out of which the papers in this volume arose
Symbols are used in the list to designate the specific sessions, as follows:
AMS Special Session on "Wavelets, Frames and Operator Theory", at the 2003
Annual Meeting of the American Mathematical Society (AMS-MAA-ASL-
AWM-NAM-SIAM Joint Mathematics Meetings, Baltimore, MD, January
15-18, 2003);
(C): AMS Session on "Operator Theory", at the same Annual Meeting;
NSF Focused Research Group Workshop on the theme "Modulation Spaces
and the Continuous Wavelet Transform" (University of Maryland, College
Park, MD, January 19-21, 2003).
The ten speakers marked (C) had requested to be part of our Special Session,
but unfortunately could not be included due to lack of space. The AMS incorpo-
rated these speakers into a related session of contributed talks. We thank the AMS
for kindly honoring our request to include them in this way, and we consider them
informally included in our session for the purpose of this volume.
Affiliations follow the session symbols for each speaker. Where more than one
affiliation is listed, the first is from the time of the sessions, and the others are later
Akram Aldroubi (S), Vanderbilt University
http:/ /www.math.vanderbilt.edu/ -aldroubi/
"Non uniform sampling and reconstruction in irregular spaces"
Radu Balan (S), Siemens Corporate Research
"Measure function and redundancy of Weyl-Heisenberg multiframes and
Robert Benedetto (S), Amherst College
http:/ /www.cs.amherst.edu/ -rlb/
"Wavelets on p-adic fields and related groups"
Ola Bratteli (S), University of Oslo
http:/ /www.math.uio.no/-bratteli/
"Global structure of the scaling-wavelet variety"
Peter G. Casazza (S), University of Missouri, Columbia
http:/ /www.math.missouri.edu/ -pete/
"Existence and construction of finite frames with a given frame operator"
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