The Summer School on Mass Transportation Methods in Kinetic Theory and
Hydrodynamics, which was held in Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal 4-9 Septem-
ber 2000, resulted in a significant gathering of leading experts in the theory and
application of mass transportation methods. It became apparent at the meeting
that the lectures being presented amounted to an exceptionally coherent view of
recent progress and future prospects in the area.
This was due in part to the extent that the speakers had collaborated, in various
combinations, with one another on problems in the field, and also to the extensive
efforts that several of the speakers made before the meeting to harmonize their
coverage, language and even notation. It was therefore decided at the meeting that
a written account would be of great value, not only to the participants, but to
a much wider audience, and the speakers undertook to produce written accounts
based on their lectures.
The present volume is the result of their efforts. It contains both pedagogical
review accounts, and new results published here for the first time, and opens what
hopefully will turn out to be a wide and useful window onto the subject. We hope
that the contents will be alluring and informative to both beginners and experts.
We thank the authors for the care they took in preparing their manuscripts, to
Annette Rohrs for her help in typesetting them, and to the American Mathematical
Society for its help in publishing this volume.
Finally, we thank Funda;ao para a Ciencia e Tecnologia, Funda;ao Luso-
Americana para o Desenvolvimento, European Community, in particular through
the grant Asymptotic Methods in Kinetic Theory, the research centers of the U niver-
sity of Lisbon Grupo de Fisica Matematica and Centro de Matematica e Aplica;oes
Fundamentais, and Cria;oes Perifericas for their valuable support.
The Editors
M. C. Carvalho and J. F. Rodrigues
Atlanta and Lisbon
January 2004
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