Contents Cusp-type singularities of real analytic curves in the complex plane PATRICK AHERN AND XIANGHONG GONG 1 The F. and M. Riesz property for vector fields S. BERHANU AND J. HOUNIE 25 Gevrey hypo-ellipticity for sums of squares of vector fields: Some examples ANTONIO BOVE 41 W 1,1-maps with values into S 1 HAIM BREZIS, PETRU MIRONESCU AND AUGUSTO C. PONCE 69 Analytic hypoellipticity and spectral problems for Schrodinger's equation SAGUN CHANILLO 101 Formal solutions for higher order nonlinear totally characteristic PDEs with irregular singularities HuA CHEN AND ZHUANGCHU Luo 121 Uniqueness of £ 00 solutions for a class of conormal BV vector fields FERRUCCIO COLOMBINI AND NICOLAS LERNER 133 Impact of lower order terms on a model PDE in two variables PAULO D. CORDARO AND NICHOLAS RANGES 157 Global analytic hypoellipticity for a class of quasilinear sums of squares of vector fields MAKHLOUF DERRIDJ AND DAVID 8. TARTAKOFF 177 Representations via overdetermined systems MICHAEL EASTWOOD 201 A semi-explicit fundamental domain for a Picard modular group in complex hyperbolic space GABOR FRANCSICS AND PETER D. LAX 211 Complex horospherical transform on real sphere SIMON GINDIKIN 227 On analyticity in space variable of solutions to the KdV equation JENNIFER GoRSKY AND A. ALEXANDROU HrMONAS 233 The multinomial distribution and some Bergman kernels LARS HORMANDER 249 vii
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