The XV Coloquio Latinoamericano de Algebra was held in Cocoyoc, Mexico
in July 2003. Although this meeting has a rich history, dating back to those orga-
nized in Argentina by Villamayor, this meeting was only the second Latin-American
conference on Algebra with a really multi-national character.
The Conference consisted of plenary sessions of general interest and special
sessions in algebraic combinatorics, associative rings, cohomology of rings and alge-
bras, commutative algebra, group representations, Hopf algebras, number theory,
quantum groups and representation theory of algebras. More than 150 specialists
from more than 20 countries participated in the meeting. We think the meeting
reflected the diversity of topics and rich activity of the algebra groups in Latin
America and their strong ties with other groups of mathematicians around the
The Scientific Organizing Committee of the Colloquium consisted of J.A de
la Peiia, N. Andruskiewitsch, A. Corso, C. Geiss, V. Kharchenko, F. Raggi, M.
J. Redondo, E. Vallejo and R. Villarreal. There was financial support from the
Instituto de Matematicas, UNAM and other Mexican institutions through research
grants of the organizers. We are grateful to these mathematicians and institutions
whose contributions made possible the realization of the meeting.
This Proceedings volume contains original research papers related to talks pre-
sented at the Colloquium. Moreover, there are several survey papers presenting
important topics to a broader mathematical audience. There are also two invited
papers presenting the work of two Mexican mathematicians, Raymundo Bautista
and Roberto Martinez, founders of the Mexican school of Representation Theory
of Algebras, whose work has been important in the development of mathematics in
Mexico. Part of the meeting was dedicated to them on the occasion of their 60th
We express our gratitude to all authors submitting their contributions and we
thank all the referees for their assistance.
We thank Teresa Hernandez for her technical support before and during the
meeting; she also greatly helped us during the preparation of this volume. We
thank Christine Thivierge of the AMS staff for her efficient support and help in
the preparation of these Proceedings. Finally, we are glad that the Proceedings
of the XV Coloquio Latinoamericano de Algebra appears in the Contemporary
Mathematics series of the American Mathematical Society.
J.A. de la Peiia, N. Atakishiyev and E. Vallejo
Mexico, December 2004
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