These are the proceedings of the conference held at Cuernavaca, Mexico, on
January 6-11, 2003, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Alberto Verjovsky. It was
organized by the the Instituto de Matematicas de la UNAM
at Cuernavaca, with
the support of a number of other institutions and foundations.
Alberto Verjovsky is one of the most prominent mathematicians in Latin Amer-
ica. His research interests are Dynamical Systems, Geometry and Topology, and
he has made very significant contributions to these fields.
Among his exceptional qualities are his broad interest and knowledge in Mathe-
matics, his intellectual generosity and his great enthusiasm, which combine to create
an atmosphere of creativity and joy in doing mathematics within his students and
Alberto Verjovsky began his mathematical life as a student of Solomon Lef-
schetz in Mexico; then he went to Brown University to work on his Ph.D. which
was completed at IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, under advice of Mauricio Peixoto and Ja-
cob Palis. After returning back to Mexico he assumed a research position at CIN-
VESTAV, the Center for Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute
in Mexico City. Over the years he regularly visited different academic institutions
in the USA and Europe, maintaining at the same time very close ties with his col-
leagues in Latin America. In 1987 he became the Coordinator of the Mathematics
Section at the ICTP, Trieste. While at this position, he played an instrumental
role in the dissemination of mathematical knowledge in the Third World, as well
as enhancing the scientific collaborations among mathematicians of different coun-
tries. Later, he joined the University of Lille in France, where he played a key role
in strengthening the research groups in geometry and dynamical systems.
During all these years he kept supporting mathematics in Mexico, and a few
years ago he finally came back to Mexico to join the Mathematics Institute of
UNAM at Cuernavaca. This move has made a real difference in mathematics in
Mexico due to Alberto's enthusiastic research, educational and organizational ac-
tivities. These activities have strongly affected not only established research centers
of the country but also its less developed areas as Alberto has enthusiastically in-
volved young people from all over the country in mathematical studies and research.
Within this short period of time, Alberto's influence has helped to turn complex
geometry and dynamical systems into leading research areas of mathematics in
Mexico; but his deep intellectual generosity and love for mathematics as a unity
have also influenced other areas, particularly topology and mathematical physics.
The program of the conference included three mini-courses, given by Marco
Brunella, Etienne Ghys and Yasha Eliashberg, and 17 invited lectures, delivered by
Universidad Nacional Aut6noma de Mexico, the National University of Mexico.
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