PREFACE Errett BishOp was distinguished for his mathematical work on function algebras and the foundations of rathmatics. His research on function alge- bras and ccanplex analysis was universally recognized. The research on founda- tions which carre later was also remarkable. As is we11 known, many peaple have very strong opinions concerning fodtions. The object here is to present a view of Errett Bishop as an individual, a colleague to many of us, and as a mathematician. A vita of Bishop is first given with a listing of his mathe- ratical papers. This is followed by a paper of Bishop's titled "Schizophrenia in contmprary mathematics." This paper was distributed in conjunction with the Collcquim Lectures he delivered in 1973 at the Seventy-Eighth Meeting of the American Mathematical Society. Bishop died April 14, 1983 at his hane in La Jolla after a brief illness. The Mathemtics Deprbmnt of the University of California, San Diego, organ- ized a meeting September 24, 1983 in his manory at which a n h r of his f o m r colleagues were invited to speak about him and his work. They were Stefan Warschawski of UCSD, John Wermer of Brown University, John Kelley of UC Berkeley, Irvirig Glicksberg of the University of Washington, and Gabriel Stolzenberg of Nxtheastern University. Unfortunately Stolzenberg withdrew his paper on Errett Bishop. Other than that the papers are printed in full after Errett Bishop's paper. At the inamrial meting a scholarship in rathemtics in Errett Bishop's name was established at UCSD, fuded by a gift of his mther Mrs. Helen Bishop. To our sormw, Irving Glicksberg died shortly after his manuscript of his paper was completed. Thanks are due to the Mathematics Department and the administration of UCSD for help in organizing the m i a l meeting. A last paper on Bishop's mrk written by Metakides, N e e and Shore concludes this selection of papers. This is preceded by a short paper of Nerode, Metakides arid Constable on d r a n c e s of Errett Bishop. Errett Bishop is survived by his wife Jane, his two sons, Edward and Thomas, and his daughter Rosemary. La Jolla, California, 1984 Murray Rosenblatt
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