This volume commemorates the first Joint AMS-India Mathematics Meeting
which was held in Bangalore, India during December 17-20, 2003. This was the
first occasion for an International Meeting of the American Mathematical Society
to take place in India. We organized a special session on Commutative Algebra and
Algebraic Geometry at this meeting. It featured talks by twenty mathematicians
from around the world, including some of the leading researchers in Commutative
Algebra and Algebraic Geometry. We had eight speakers from India, seven from
USA and five from France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. Although the talks
in our special session were by invitation only, we had an overwhelming response
from mathematicians across the globe who were interested in participating in the
session and presenting their work. As an addition to the meeting and especially to
feature younger researchers among them, we organized a one-day conference prior
to the AMS meeting. This event "Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
- featuring younger researchers' took place primarily with the help of our local
organizer Dilip Patil, a 'at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on December
16, 2003 .. This 'Young Session' featured talks by 11 researchers including seven
from India, two from USA and one each from Germany and Japan.
The articles in this volume are selected from those which were solicited from
the invited speakers at the 'Young Session' as well as the 'Special Session'. Several
among these are research articles with new results not published elsewhere, while
some are definitive survey articles. Each article has been refereed in accordance
with the high scientific standards of the AMS Contemporary Mathematics series.
As a quick glance at the table of contents would reveal, the articles represent a wide
spectrum of topics of current interest in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Ge-
ometry. Most articles also contain an eclectic mix of Algebra and Geometry. Thus
we have not deemed it appropriate to separate the articles under different themes.
Indeed, we have simply arranged them in an alphabetical order. Mathematics, after
all, is an organic whole, and compartmentalization into distinct subjects is often
artifical and inaccurate. The organic unity and the interconnections are especially
evident in the twin areas of Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry. We
hope that this volume goes some way in reestablishing this fact.
In organizing the two sessions and preparing this volume, we have received
excellent cooperation from many individuals and organizations. We are grateful
to all of them and would specifically like to mention the following. First and
foremost, the American Mathematical Society for organizing a joint conference in
India and hope this will be a periodic event. The AMS and its staff have been
helpful and cooperative, and we appreciate that. We also thank Ms. Brenda
Frazier of the University of Missouri for her generous help in putting together
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