the manuscripts and formatting them properly. We are also grateful to the Indian
organizers, especially Professor Gadadhar Misra, for his help and cooperation. The
Department of Mathematics at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore offered
excellent facilities for conducting the 'Young Session' and we are thankful to them,
especially to Professor Dilip Patil of liSe, for giving us splendid support. Professor
David Eisenbud, who was to come for the meeting but could not do so at the last
minute, agreed to write a Foreword to this volume and we are grateful to him.
Many mathematicians across the globe helped us in refereeing the articles in this
volume and we can't thank them enough for their time and effort. Hema Srinivasan
would also like to gratefully acknowledge a grant from National Science Foundation
with which we could support the travel expenses of the participants from United
States. Last but not the least, we thank the participants at the two sessions, all
the speakers and chairpersons, and the contributors to this volume.
Sudhir Ghorpade
Hema Srinivasan
Jugal Verma
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