Marcel Herzog was born in Krakow, Poland, on June 6, 1935. He spent the
years of World War II in the Soviet Union. In 1946 he returned to Poland; and in
1948, he emigrated to Israel. From 1949 until1953, he worked days and studied in
an evening high school. During the years 1953-1955, he served in the Israeli Army.
He started his academic studies in 1955, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
and in 1961 was awarded the M.Sc. in Mathematics. In 1962, he started his Ph.D.
studies at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y, where his Ph.D. advisor was Professor
Walter Feit. He was awarded the Ph.D. degree by Cornell in 1965.
Professor Herzog's academic career started with a two year position at the
University of Illinois in Champagne-Urbana, followed by one year spent at the
University of California in Santa Barbara. In 1968, he returned to Israel, where
he was appointed a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics of Tel-Aviv
University. He was promoted there to Full Professor in 1980. During the years 1989-
1991, Professor Herzog served as the head of the School of Mathematical Sciences
at Tel-Aviv University. He has supervised eight Ph.D. students, and the ninth is
about to submit his Ph.D. thesis. Among his Ph.D. students were Zvi Arad, Arie
Bialostocki, Arieh Lev and Gil Kaplan. Professor Herzog retired in 2003 and was
appointed Professor Emeritus at Tel-Aviv University.
Professor Herzog has travelled extensively during his academic career. He
spent the Winter Semester of 1971 as a Visiting Professor at Aarhus University in
Denmark and the years 1974-1977 in Canberra, as a Senior Research Fellow at
the Australian Institute of Advanced Studies. He was a Visiting Professor at the
University of Southern California in Los Angeles during the academic year 1983-
84; and between the years 1988-2001, he spent two and a half years as a Visiting
Professor at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.
Professor Herzog has published about 100 scientific papers, mainly in group
theory, but also in combinatorics and number theory. His joint paper with Erdos
and SchOnheim in 1970 gives him an Erdos number 1. Most of Professor Herzog's
papers deal with finite group theory, with an emphasis on character theory and
conjugacy classes. There are also numerous papers dealing with groups of permu-
tations and the structure of simple groups. Since 1993, he has also published papers
dealing with infinite groups satisfying some finiteness conditions.
Professor Herzog has collaborated and continues to collaborate with a great
number of mathematicians from all over the world. His main collaborators are
J. Schonheim, C.E. Praeger, K.B. Reid, T. Berger, D. Chillag, Z. Arad, E. Bertram,
A. Mann, M. Bianchi, A. Gillio, C.M. Scoppola, P. Longobardi, M. Maj, G. Kaplan
and A. Lev.
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