This volume contains the Proceedings of the AMS-IMS-SIAM Summer Re-
search Conference on "Modeling the Dynamics of Human Diseases: Emerging
Paradigms and Challenges" held at the magnificent Snowbird Summer and Ski
Resort, Utah, July 17-21, 2005. The main aim of the conference was to bring
together leading and upcoming researchers to discuss the latest advances and chal-
lenges associated with the modeling of the dynamics of emerging and re-emerging
diseases, and to explore various control strategies. The conference featured sixteen
invited one-hour plenary talks, eight talks each of 30 minutes duration, and a Poster
session. Group discussions, where the participants were subdivided into subgroups
with each subgroup brainstorming on some well-chosen topics (often stemming from
the earlier presentations of that particular day), were also held. Members of each
subgroup presented their conclusions to the general group.
This book is a collection of some of the most significant recent advances, trends,
and challenges in mathematical modeling of human diseases. It contains 21 research
papers, each of which is fully refereed by at least two reviewers. Contributions range
from new modeling and mathematical {and computational) approaches to expos-
itory articles on emerging trends. Numerous diseases, such as cancer and tumor
growth, foot-and-mouth, hantavirus, HIV, HPV, influenza, rotavirus, and vector-
borne diseases, were considered. One of the major highlights of the conference was
the discussion on the role of modeling in homeland security, vis-8.-vis the deliberate
release of infectious agents.
The Editors gratefully acknowledge the support of the sponsors, namely: the
National Science Foundation (NSF), the American Mathematical Society {AMS),
the Institute of Mathematical Statistics {IMS), and the Society of Industrial and
Applied Mathematics {SIAM). We are grateful to Mr. Wayne Drady, AMS Con-
ference Coordinator, for the excellent and tireless job he has done in ensuring that
the conference went very smoothly, and for stocking the Hospitality Room at
times. Kudos also to Ms. Christine M. Thivierge {Editorial Assistant, AMS) and
Sam White (Production Editor, AMS) for the efficient, professional, and diligent
way they handled the publishing process. We are thankful to their colleagues at
the Production and Technical Support departments for their help and patience in
responding to the authors' questions. Finally, in addition to thanking the authors
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