Contents Preface ix Bibliography xv Acknowledgments xix Part 1. Historic Material 1 Photo of Henry Jack 2 Henry Jack 1917-1978 B.D. SLEEMAN 3 Photo of Philip Hall 6 Philip Hall ALUN 0. MORRIS 7 Photo of Dudley Ernest Littlewood 10 Dudley Ernest Littlewood ALUN 0. MORRIS 11 Photo of Ian Macdonald 16 Ian Macdonald ALUN 0. MORRIS 17 Reprint of the paper by I.G. Macdonald (1984) [The algebra of partitions, In Group theory: essays for Philip Hall j by F.J. Grunewald ... et al. commissioned by the London Mathematical Society and edited by K.W. Gruenberg and J.E. Roseblade MR0780573 (86d:05011), Group theory, 315-333, Academic Press, London, 1984] I.G. MACDONALD 23 Reprint of the paper by D.E. Littlewood (1961) [On certain symmetric functions. Proc. London Math. Soc. (3)11 1961 485-498] D.E. LITTLEWOOD 43 Reprint of the paper by Henry Jack (1970) [A class of symmetric polynomials with a parameter. Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh Sect. A 69 1970/1971 1-18] HENRY JACK 57 A class of polynomials in search of a definition, or the symmetric group parametrized (An unpublished manuscript, 1976) HENRY JACK 75 v
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