A conference in honor of Donald S. Passman, entitled Groups, Rings and Al-
gebras, took place on June 10, 11 and 12, 2005 at the University of Wisconsin-
Madison. The scientific purpose of the conference was a retroactive and proactive
assessment of those areas of algebra related to his work. These include group rings,
group theory, character theory, graded rings, enveloping algebras, group actions
on algebras and rings, Hopf algebras and certain algebras arising from the study
of noncommutative geometry. The principle speakers were Yuri Bahturin, Ed-
ward Formanek, Martin Isaacs, Martin Lorenz, Susan Montgomery, Lance Small,
Toby Stafford, A. E. Zalesski'i and Efim Zelmanov. In addition, there were many
contributed talks.
The social highlights of the meetings were a candle lit soiree at the Passman's
on Friday evening and a banquet on the ninth floor of Van Vleck Hall on Saturday
Participants were invited to contribute papers. The submissions were refereed
and those that were accepted are the contents of this volume. They are in final
form and no version will be submitted for publication elsewhere.
Finally, it is our happy task to acknowledge those who made a difference and to
thank them. First, we thank our financial sponsors the National Security Agency
and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In particular, we thank Michelle Wagner
of the NSA and David Griffeath, Chair of the Mathematics Department. The excel-
lent physical facilities in Van Vleck were provided by the Mathematics Department
and the efforts of the staff of the department, especially Mark Castillo and Joan
Wendt, were greatly appreciated.
W. Chin, J. M. Osterburg and D. Quinn
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