The volume contains the papers of participants of the International Conference
on Analysis and Geometry in honor of the 75th birthday of Yuri1 Reshetnyak, an
outstanding mathematician, a member of the Russian Academy of Science. His
prominent investigations of two-dimensional manifolds of bounded curvature and
mappings with bounded distortion are an outstanding contribution into the math-
ematics. The conference was held through August 23 - September 3, 2004 in
The scope of the volume includes geometry of spaces with bounded curvature in
the sense of Alexandrov, quasiconformal mappings and mappings with bounded dis-
tortion (quasiregular mappings), nonlinear potential theory, Sobolev spaces, spaces
with fractional and generalized smoothness, and variational problems.
The volume reflects modern trends in these areas. Most articles are related
to Reshetnyak's original works and demonstrate the vitality of his fundamental
contribution in some important fields of mathematics such as the geometry in the
"large", quasiconformal analysis, Sobolev spaces, potential theory and variational
The topics discussed in the volume can be subject of research for many mathe-
maticians. We hope that this volume will be a valuable source both for experts and
young researchers by providing them with a wealth of information, which otherwise
is scattered in literature or not published at all.
V. Burenkov, T. Iwaniec and S. Vodopyanov
September, 2006
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