Contents Preface Mean-Field Spin Glass Models from the Cavity-ROSt Perspective MICHAEL AIZENMAN, ROBERT SIMS, and SHANNON L. STARR Scaling Algebras for Charge Carrying Quantum Fields and Superselection Structure at Short Distances vii 1 CLAUDIO D'ANTONI, GERARDO MORSELLA, and RAINER VERCH 31 Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Quantum Lattice Systems HUZIHIRO ARAKI 45 The Rate of Local Equilibration in Kinetic Theory E. A. CARLEN 71 Bifurcations of Relative Equilibria in Simple Mechanical Systems ANTONIO HERNANDEZ-GARDUNO 89 In and around the Origin of Quantum Groups VAUGHAN F. R. JONES 101 A Second Look at the Second Law of Thermodynamics ELLIOTT H. LIEB and JAKOB YNGVASON 127 Generating Spectral Gaps by Geometry FERNANDO LLEDO and OLAF POST 159 Stability of Matter MICHAEL LOSS 171 String Theory and Knot Invariants MARCOS MARINO 199 Slow Dynamics of CIP'1 Lumps on a Cylinder N. M. RoMAO 209 A New Approach to the Study of the 3V-Navier-Stokes System YAKOV SINAI 223 From Liouville Theory to the Quantum Geometry of Riemann Surfaces J. TESCHNER 231 v
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