List of talks
lana Anguelova
Quantum Vertex Algebras
Katrina Barron
Deformations of the N
Neveu-Schwarz algebra and even and
odd spectral flow on the worldsheet
geometry of N
superconformal field
Karin Baur
Admissible characters in the sense of
Georgia Benkart
Perfect crystals
Stephen Berman
Covering Algebras
Richard E. Block
Dual coalgebras and cofree coalgebras
Corina Calinescu
Principal subspaces of representations
of affine Lie algebras and vertex
operator algebras
Vyjayanthi Chari
Weyl, Demazure and
Kirillov-Reshetikhin modules
Chongying Dong
On the uniqueness of the moonshine
vertex operator algebra
Rolf Farnsteiner
Affine quivers, polyhedral groups, and
representation type
Jorg Feldvoss
Existence of triangular Lie bialgebra
Igor Frenkel
Instanton and quiver constructions of
affine Lie algebra representations and
special bases
A vital Frumkin
A probability approach to Klyachko
J iirgen Fuchs
An analogue of the Verlinde formula for
non-rational vertex algebras
Howard Garland
Counting the number of rational points
in certain moduli spaces of vector
bundles on surfaces
Dimitar Grantcharov
On the automorphisms of Kac-Moody
Lie superalgebras
Ayumu Hoshino
Polyhedral realizations of crystal bases
for modified quantum algebras of
arbitrary rank
Keith Hubbard
Vertex operator coalgebras and their
relations to VOAs
Dijana Jakelic
Branched crystals and the category 0
Seok-Jin Kang
Nakajima's monomials and crystal
Rinat Kedem
Kostka polynomials and representations
of affine algebras
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