The idea of this volume was conceived during a conference on Harmonic
Analysis and Ergodic Theory that took place at DePaul University, Chicago, De-
cember 2-4, 2005. The conference was funded by grants from the National Science
Foundation and the DePaul University Research Council. Originally, the conference
was planned as a small meeting to honor two members of the DePaul Department
of Mathematical Sciences, J. Marshall Ash and Roger L. Jones; Marshall Ash for
his 65th birthday and Roger Jones because of his retirement after a long and dis-
tinguished career at DePaul. Ash and Jones are well known for their contributions
in harmonic analysis and ergodic theory, respectively. But very soon the idea of a
small meeting turned into a full blown meeting with 7 4 participants.
From the outset the meeting had to be planned in a somewhat unusual format
because it had two main themes and we were not in favor of having parallel sessions.
Although harmonic analysis and ergodic theory are intimately related, there are
few mathematicians who are experts in both. Therefore, to make the meeting
more appealing to graduate students and junior researchers, we decided to imbed
two mini-courses in it, one on harmonic analysis, and another on ergodic theory.
The mini-course on harmonic analysis, which was given by Professor Carlos Kenig,
University of Chicago, focused on harmonic analysis techniques in solving non-
linear partial differential equations, while the one on ergodic theory, which was
given by Professor Daniel Rudolph, Colorado State University, concentrated on
ergodic theory structures for foliations.
In addition to the mini-courses, the meeting had plenary talks and sessions for
contributed papers. The plenary speakers in alphabetical order were:
Vitaly Bergelson, Ohio State University
Charles Fefferman, Princeton University
Richard Gundy, Rutgers University
Carlos Kenig, the University of Chicago
Michael Lacey, Georgia Institute of Technology
Michael Lin, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Beer-Sheva
Fedor Nazarov, Michigan State University
Joseph Rosenblatt, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Daniel Rudolph, Colorado State University
Arkady Tempelman, Pennsylvania State University
Stephen Wainger, the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mate Wierdl, the University of Memphis.
This volume does not constitute the proceedings of the conference, but rather
a collection of articles by some of the plenary speakers based on their talks. Contri-
butions to the volume were by invitation only. All articles were carefully refereed
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