Preface On June 1, 2004, Ha!m Brezis turned 60, an occasion that was celebrated by scientific conferences held in the USA, Italy and France. The Carre des Sciences in the old building of the Ecole Polytechnique, now the Ministere de la Recherche, provided a fitting backdrop for the Paris meeting, which was held on June 21-25, 2004. An atmosphere of personal warmth and the scientific breadth and depth made this occasion memorable. The program testified to the wide ranging influ- ence of Haim on the field of nonlinear analysis and partial differential equations. In particular, his unique role in stimulating research and opening new directions was emphasized. Many lecturers had the occasion to recall Ha!m's special passion and talent for open problems and his continuous un-abiding discoveries of gem-like challenging questions. Many of the speakers also spoke of the generosity of Haim in welcoming and encouraging young new researchers. As a tribute paid to Haim Brezis, the lecturers at the Paris meeting made a particular effort to put together a rare view of the state of the art of many aspects of nonlinear partial differential equations, as well as to describe new directions that are being opened up in this field, and some of the challenges it faces. In the same spirit, it was felt that such perspectives should be gathered and recorded through a collection of articles that make up this volume. Written by mathematicians at the center of current developments, many of whom spoke at the Paris meeting, this volume provides somewhat more personal views of the important directions and challenges. The American Mathematical Society responded with enthusiasm to this project and supported it with high-quality professionnal help. We are delighted that this volume appears in the scientifically-demanding Contemporary Mathematics Series. It is with pleasure that we offer thanks to the publishing team of the AMS, in particular to Edward Dunne and Christine Thivierge. We also wish to express our thanks to Ann Kostant of Birkauser, Boston, who was very supportive of the initiative. Besides the mathematical articles, two memorable speeches have been tran- scribed and included here, at the beginning of this volume. They were delivered by Haim and by Michal Govrin, his wife, a Hebrew writer, at a party in honor of Haim during the meeting in Paris. They convey something of the special atmosphere of this meeting. We are grateful to them for granting us permission to print these personal thoughts in this volume. The Editors vii
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