Contents Foreword vii List of Participants ix Quantized Anti de Sitter spaces and non-formal deformation quantizations of symplectic symmetric spaces PIERRE BIELIAVSKY, LAURENT CLAESSENS, DANIEL STERNHEIMER, AND YANNICK VOGLAIRE 1 Group-like objects in Poisson geometry and algebra CHRISTIAN BLOHMANN AND ALAN WEINSTEIN 25 Poisson fibrations and fibered symplectic groupoids OLIVIER BRAHIC AND RUI LOJA FERNANDES 41 Generalized Kahler and hyper-Kahler quotients HENRIQUE BURSZTYN, GIL R. CAVALCANTI, AND MARCO GUALTIERI 61 Deformation quantization and reduction ALBERTO S. CATTANEO 79 Examples of higher order stable singularities of Poisson structures JEAN-PAUL DUFOUR 103 Poisson reduction and the Hamiltonian structure of the Euler-Yang-Mills equations FRANQOIS GAY-BALMAZ AND TUDOR S. RATIU 113 Orbifold cohomology of abelian symplectic reductions and the case of weighted projective spaces TARA S. HOLM 127 Deformation of graded Poisson (Batalin-Vilkovisky) structures NORIAKI IKEDA 147 Deformation quantization of a Kahler-Poisson structure vanishing on a Levi nondegenerate hypersurface ALEXANDER V. KARABEGOV 163 A note on Poisson homogeneous spaces JIANG-HUA Lu 173 Lectures on pure spinors and moment maps E. MEINRENKEN 199 v
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