Generalized complex stuctures and other geometry on T M
T* M (Bursz-
tyn, Gualtieri, Meinrenken, Uchino, Yoshimura)
Stacks and twisting by a three-form (Gomi, Schapira, Tsygan, Van den
Orbifolds and other singular spaces as differentiable stacks (Crainic, Holm,
Weinstein, Xu, Zhu)
Normal forms of Poisson structures in the neighborhood of points and
symplectic leaves (Dufour, Fernandes, Ratiu, Zung)
Deformation of Poisson structures (Ikeda, Zhang)
Reduction of systems with symmetry (Bursztyn, Cardona, Cattaneo, Holm,
Ratiu, Yoshimura)
Kontsevich formality and its variants (Alekseev, Kontsevich, Merkulov,
Park, Tsygan, Van den Bergh, Waldmann)
Log-canonical coordinates (Gekhtman, Kontsevich, Lu)
Group-valued momentum maps (Meinrenken, Schaffhauser)
Strict quantization of spaces via group actions (Rieffel, Voglaire, Wald-
Quantization of canonical transformations via their graphs (Kontsevich,
Schapira, Van den Bergh, Weinstein)
The present volume consists of refereed papers by many of the invited speakers
at the conference and by the principal lecturers at the school. Papers by presenters
at the poster session and by other speakers at the school will be appearing in
Travaux Mathematiques.
Giuseppe Dito, Jiang-Hua Lu, Yoshiaki Maeda, Alan Weinstein
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