Contents Preface Analysis and optimization of elliptic-curve single-scalar multiplication DANIEL J. BERNSTEIN AND TANJA LANGE On influences of Boolean variables and their computation SERDAR BOZTA~ Subsequences of Sidelnikov sequences NINA BRANDSTATTER AND ARNE WINTERHOF A multi-level blocking distinct-degree factorization algorithm RICHARD P. BRENT AND PAUL ZIMMERMANN New bounds on some parameters in the Waring problem for polynomials over a finite field vii 1 21 33 47 MIREILLE CAR 59 Dickson polynomial permutations MIHAl CIPU AND STEPHEN D. COHEN 79 Ring theoretic study of linear codes using additive polynomials VINAY DEOLALIKAR 91 Toward a complete twin primes theorem for polynomials over finite fields GOVE EFFINGER 103 On the distribution of the elliptic curve power generator EDWIN EL-MAHASSNI AND IGOR E. SHPARLINSKI 111 Discrete logarithms in curves over finite fields ANDREAS ENGE 119 Some remarks on the Hasse-Arf theorem ARNALDO GARCIA AND HENNING STICHTENOTH 141 Character sums for sequences of iterations of Dickson polynomials DOMINGO GOMEZ AND ARNE WINTERHOF 147 What can be used instead of a Barker sequence? JONATHAN JEDWAB 153 Order dividing extension fields and the root computation problem ANNA M. JOHNSTON 179 v
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