Preface This volume contains the refereed proceedings of the Eighth International Con- ference on Finite Fields and Applications, held in Melbourne, Australia, July 9-13, 2007. The Organizing Committee for the conference consisted of Lynn Batten (Deakin Univ., Chair), Stephen Cohen (Univ. of Glasgow), Dieter Jungnickel (Univ. of Augsburg), Rudolf Lidl (Univ. of Tasmania), Gary Mullen (Pennsylvania State Univ.), Harald Niederreiter (National Univ. of Singapore), Daniel Panario (Car- leton Univ.), Igor Shparlinski (Macquarie Univ.), Horacia Tapia-Recillas (UAM- Iztapalapa). The committee was assisted by Judy Chow from Deakin University. There were 7 invited presentations given by Mireille Car, Andreas Enge, Shuhong Gao, Arnalda Garcia, Jonathan Jedwab, Carlos Moreno and Joseph Thas. The program also contained 55 contributed talks. The present volume includes 5 invited survey papers by Mireille Car, Andreas Enge, Arnalda Garcia, Jonathan Jedwab and Joseph Thas. All submitted papers were very strictly refereed and the accepted papers are published in this volume. Because of applications in so many diverse areas, finite fields continue to grow in mathematical importance. In particular, they now play very imporant roles in number theory, algebra, and algebraic geometry, as well as in computer science, statistics, and engineering. Areas of application include, but certainly are not limited to, algebraic coding theory, cryptology, and combinatorial design theory. Computational and algorithmic aspects of finite field problems also continue to grow in importance. A further sign of this vitality is the publication in late 2005 of a special issue to celebrate the first decade of the related research journal Finite Fields and Their Applications. The purpose of this conference was to bring together finite field researchers, theoretical, as well as applied. All papers in this volume have been strictly refereed (including those from the invited speakers who also received independent advice from their referees) and are listed in alphabetcial order by author. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Lynn Batten and Judy Chow from Deakin University for their many and tireless efforts in seeing to all of the conference details. We believe that everyone not only enjoyed the various talks and research discussions, but attendees also spoke highly of the organizational efforts. Special thanks are also due Elsevier and the Institute of Combinatorics and Ap- plications for their generous financial support without which the conference might not have been held. Finally, sincere thanks are due Christine Thivierge for her efforts and efficiency in helping to publish the conference proceedings volume in the American Mathematical Society series Contemporary Mathematics. vii
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