Harmonic Analysis and Function Spaces
(4) G. Olafsson and S. Zheng: Harmonic Analysis Related to Schrodinger
(5) I. Pesenson: A Discrete Helgason-Fourier Transform for Sobolev and Besov
Functions on N oncompact Symmetric Spaces.
Harmonic Analysis and Number Theory
(6) D. Hart and A. Iosevich: Sums and Products in Finite Fields: An Integral
Geometric Viewpoint.
Integral Geometry and Radon Transforms
(7) D. Feldman: A Computational Complexity Paradigm for Tomography.
(8) F. Gonzalez: Invariant Differential Operators on Matrix Motion Groups
and Applications to the Matrix Radon Transform.
(9) G. Olafsson and B. Rubin: Invariant Functions on Grassmanians.
(10) E.T. Quinto: Helgason's Support Theorem and Spherical Radon Trans-
Multiresolution Analysis, Wavelets, and Applications
(11) B. Currey and T. McNamara: Decomposition and Admissibility for the
Quasiregular Representation for Generalized Oscillator Groups.
(12) D. Dutkay and P. Jorgensen: Fourier Series on Fractals: A Parallel with
Wavelet Theory.
Aliev, B. Rubin, S. Sezer and S. Uyhan Composite Wavelet Transforms:
Applications and Perspectives.
(14) S. Jain, M. Papadakis and E. Dussaud: Explicit Schemes in Seismic Mi-
gration and Isotropic Multiscale Representations.
(15) K. Merrill: Smooth, Well-localized Parseval Wavelets Based on Wavelet
Sets in

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the participants in the conferences for the presentation of their work, stimulating
discussion, and for their good company. We thank the authors for submitting high-
quality articles. We hope you find this volume helpful, stimulating, and enjoyable.
The editors: Eric Grinberg, Palle Jorgensen, David Larson, Peter Massopust, Todd
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