Combined list of speakers and titles of their talks
Note that some speakers gave talks in the conference at LSU in Baton Rouge as well
as the AMS national meeting in New Orleans. G. Ambartsoumian, The University
of Texas at Arlington had planned to give a talk on On reconstruction in limited
view tomography, but was not able to come. Instead B. Rubin, LSU, gave a talk.
(1) A. Beltukov, University of the Pacific: Operator Identities Relating Sonar
and Radon Transforms.
(2) J. J. Benedetto, Norbert Wiener Center, University of Maryland, College
Park: Pointwise Comparison of Pulse Code and Sigma-Delta Modulation.
(3) P. G. Casazza, University of Missouri: The Kadison-Singer Problem in
Frame Theory and Harmonic Analysis.
(4) J. G. Christensen, Louisiana State University: Gelfand Triples and Time
Frequency Analysis.
(5) B. Currey, St. Louis University: Admissibility for Quasiregular Represen-
tations of Algebraic Solvable Lie Groups.
(6) M. Dobrescu, Christopher Newport University: Coxeter Groups and Wavelets.
(7) Leon Ehrenpreis, Temple University: Parametric and Nonparametric Radon
(8) M. Fickus, Air Force Institute of Technology: Maximally Equiangular
Frames and Finite Wigner Distributions.
(9) D. V. Finch: Oregon State University Integral Geometric Problems Aris-
ing in Thermoacoustic Tomography.
(10) V. Furst, University of Arizona: A Characteristic Equation of Semiorthog-
onal Parseval Wavelets.
(11) F. B. Gonzalez, Thfts University: The Modified Wave Equation on the
Sphere and Extensions to Compact Symmetric Spaces.
(12) A. Greenleaf, University of Rochester: Microlocal Analysis of the Lin-
earized Attenuated Radon transform.
(13) E. Grinberg, University of New Hampshire: The Gauss-Bonnet-Grotemeyer
Theorem in Spaces of Constant Curvature.
(14) D. Hardin, Vanderbilt University: Orthogonal Wavelets Centered on an
Arbitrary Knot Sequence.
(15) S. Helgason, MIT: An Inversion Formula for the X-ray Transform on a
Compact Symmetric Space.
(16) T. Henderson, United States Military Academy: Causal Relationships Be-
tween Frames.
R. Hoover, University of Oregon:
Dimension Functions of Rationally Dilated Wavelets
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