Preface ix
List of Participants xi
On the Log-Canonical Threshold for Germs of Plane Curves
E. Artal Bartolo, Pi.
es, I. Luengo,
and A. Melle-Hernandez
Intersection Cohomology Invariants of Complex Algebraic Varieties
S. E. Cappell, L. Maxim, and J. L. Shaneson 15
Topology of Algebraic Morphisms
F. El Zein 25
Non-isolated Complete Intersection Singularities and the Af Condition
T. Gaffney 85
Unique Range Sets and Decomposition of Meromorphic Functions
H. H. Khoai 95
Enriched Relative Polar Curves and Discriminants
D. B. Massey 107
Hodge-Theoretic Atiyah-Meyer Formulae and the Stratified Multiplicative
L. Maxim and J. Schurmann
Vertical Monodromy and Spectrum of a Yomdin Series
L. J. McEwan 167
Structures de Frobenius et Exposants de la Monodromie p-adique des
Equations Diff´erentielles
Z. Mebkhout 175
Linearity Conditions on the Jacobian Ideal and Logarithmic–Meromorphic
Comparison for Free Divisors
L. N. Macarro 245
Poincar´ e Series Associated with Surface Singularities
A. Nemethi
Approximation de Artin Cylindrique et Morphismes d’Alg` ebres Analytiques
G. Rond 299
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