Preface vii
List of Participants ix
Minimal Page-Genus of Milnor Open Books on Links of Rational Surface
S. Altınok and M. Bhupal 1
Homotopical Variation
D. Cheniot
Join Theorem for Polar Weighted Homogeneous Singularities
J. L. Cisneros-Molina 43
On the Topology of Polynomial Functions on Algebraic Surfaces in
H. H. Vui and N. T. Thang 61
On Theorems of Zariski-Lefschetz Type
H. A. Hamm 69
Some Families of Isolated Singularities
L. Hernandez
de la Cruz and S. Lopez
de Medrano 79
On the Collisions of Singular Points of Complex Algebraic Plane Curves
D. Kerner 89
Sur les Vari´ et´ es LV-M
L. Meersseman and A. Verjovsky 111
Jacobian Curves for Normal Complex Surfaces
F. Michel 135
Geometry of Pencil of Plane Curves via Taylor Expansions
M. Oka 151
On the Cohomology Rings of Holomorphically Fillable Manifolds
P. Popescu-Pampu 169
Uniform (m)-Condition and Strong Milnor Fibrations
R. N. A. dos Santos 189
On the Topology of Hyperplane Singularities of Finite Codimension
M. Shubladze 199
On the Topology of Singularities
C. Weber 217
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