Preface vii
List of Participants ix
Vyacheslav Zakharyuta’s Complex Analysis
Christer O. Kiselman 1
Remark on the Definition of the Complex Monge-Amp` ere Operator
Zbigniew B locki 17
Convolution Operators on Quasianalytic Classes of Roumieu
e Bonet and Reinhold Meise 23
Riesz Energy and Sets of Revolution in
Johann S. Brauchart, Douglas P. Hardin,
and Edward B. Saff 47
Bari-Markus Property for Riesz Projections of Hill Operators with Singular
Plamen Djakov and Boris Mityagin 59
Right Inverses for Differential Operators on Fourier Ultra-hyperfunctions and
the Property (DN)
Michael Langenbruch 81
Connectedness in the Pluri-fine Topology
Said El Marzguioui and Jan Wiegerinck 105
Quantum Shape of Compact Domains in Phase Plane
V.P. Palamodov 117
Analyticity and Propagation of Plurisubharmonic Singularities
Alexander Rashkovskii 137
Linear Topological Properties of Spaces H
and of Spaces of Ultradifferentiable
Dietmar Vogt 145
Invertibility for Fr´ echet Valued Real Analytic Functions
Jochen Wengenroth 159
Kolmogorov Problem on Widths Asymptotics and Pluripotential Theory
Vyacheslav Zakharyuta 171
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