The 11th conference on Arithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding The-
ory (AGC2T 11) was held in Marseilles at the “Centre International de Rencontres
Math´ ematiques” (CIRM), during November 5-9, 2007. This international confer-
ence has been a major event in the area of applied arithmetic geometry for more
than 20 years and included distinguished guests J.-P. Serre (Fields medal, Abel
prize winner), G. Frey, H. Stichtenoth and other leading researchers in the field
among its 77 participants.
The meeting was organized by the team “Arithm´ etique et Th´ eorie de l’Information”
(ATI) from the “Institut de Math´ ematiques de Luminy” (IML). The program con-
sisted of 15 invited talks and 18 communications. Among them, thirteen were
selected to form the present proceedings. Twelve are original research articles cov-
ering asymptotic properties of global fields, arithmetic properties of curves and
higher dimensional varieties, and applications to codes and cryptography. The fi-
nal article is a special lecture of J.-P. Serre entitled “How to use finite fields for
problems concerning infinite fields”.
The conference fulfilled its role of bringing together young researchers and spe-
cialists. During the conference, we were also happy to celebrate the retirement of
our colleague Robert Rolland with a special day of talks.
Finally, we thank the organization commitee of CIRM for their help during the
conference and the Calanques for its inspiring atmosphere.
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