Contents Preface vii Developmental Biology and Mathematics: The Rules of an Embryo Berta Alsina, Adri´ L. Garc´ de Lomana, Jordi Villa-Freixa` and Fernando Giraldez ´ 1 From Lineage to Shape: Modeling Dorsal-Ventral Specification in the Developing Mouse Limb Carlos G. Arques and Miguel Torres 13 Notch-Mathics Rita Fior and Domingos Henrique 27 Modelling Tumour-Induced Angiogenesis: A Review of Individual-Based Models and Multiscale Approaches Tom´ Alarc´ 45 Tumour Radiotherapy and Its Mathematical Modelling Antonio Cappuccio, Miguel A. Herrero and Luis Nunez ˜ 77 Multiphase and Individual Cell-Based Models of Tumour Growth J. Galle and L. Preziosi 103 v
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