Preface ix
List of Participants xi
ν) of conics and Witt kernels in characteristic 2
R. Aravire and B. Jacob 1
Pythagoras numbers and quadratic field extensions
K.J. Becher and D.B. Leep 21
On perfection relations in lattices
e and J. Martinet 29
Linear independence of local densities of quadratic forms and its application
to the theory of Siegel modular forms
S. Bocherer,
Y. Hironaka, and F. Sato 51
Representation of reduced special groups in algebras of continous functions
M. Dickmann and F. Miraglia 83
Solubility of Fermat equations
T.D. Browning and R. Dietmann 99
Multiplicative properties of integral binary quadratic forms
A.G. Earnest and R.W. Fitzgerald 107
Effective structure theorems for symplectic spaces via height
L. Fukshansky 117
Orthogonal involutions on algebras of degree 16 and the Killing form of E8
(with an appendix by Kirill Zainoulline)
S. Garibaldi 131
The first Zariski cohomology group of the Witt sheaf over a split simply
connected simple algebraic group
S. Gille 163
On families of testing formulae for a pp formula
P. G ladki and M. Marshall 181
Siegel modular forms of small weight and the Witt operator
T. Ibukiyama and S. Wakatsuki 189
On isotropy of quadratic pairs
N.A. Karpenko 211
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