Specialization of forms in the presence of characteristic 2: first steps
M. Knebusch 219
Representation of integers by special positive definite integral quadratic forms
W. Kohnen 243
Hyper-isotropy of bilinear forms in characteristic 2
A. Laghribi and P. Mammone 249
A historical view of the Pythagoras numbers of fields
D.B. Leep 271
The extensions of R-places and application
M. Machura and K. Osiak 289
Essential dimension
A.S. Merkurjev 299
On the Pfister number of quadratic forms
R. Parimala, V. Suresh, and J.-P. Tignol 327
Martin Kneser’s work on quadratic forms and algebraic groups
R. Scharlau 339
Enumerating perfect forms
A. Schurmann
Reduction mod of Theta Series of Level
N.-P. Skoruppa 379
On a reciprocity theorem of Gauss
L.H. Walling 391
A bound of the number of reduced Arakelov divisors of a number field
T. Watanabe and R. Yoshimitsu 399
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