Preface vii
Diffusion in cellular microdomains: Application to synapses
D. Holcman 1
Modeling and computation of the scattering by a nano optical medium
G. Bao and Y. Sun 27
Behaviour of periodic fast multipole boundary integral equation method for
Maxwell’s equations near Wood’s anomalies
Y. Otani and N. Nishimura 43
An asymptotic factorization method for inverse electromagnetic scattering in
layered media II: A numerical study
R. Griesmaier and M. Hanke 61
Faults in elastic half space: Direct and inverse problem
D. Volkov 81
Asymptotics in the presence of inclusions of small volume for a conduction
equation: A case with a non-smooth reference potential
E. Bonnetier and F. Triki 95
Inverse Born series for diffuse waves
K. Kilgore, S. Moskow, and J. C. Schotland 113
On identification of doping profile in semiconductors
V. Isakov 123
Reconstruction algorithm for the linearized polarization tomography problem
with incomplete data
W. Lionheart and V. Sharafutdinov 137
An effectivization of the global reconstruction in the Gel’fand-Calder´ on inverse
problem in three dimensions
R. G. Novikov 161
The image system and Green’s function for the ellipsoid
G. Dassios and J. C.-E. Sten 185
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