Preface ix
Turning points and bifurcations for homotopies of analytic maps
E. Allgower, S.-G. Cruceanu, and S. J. Tavener 1
On a connectedness theorem of Debarre
L. Badescu
Stepsize control for path tracking
D. J. Bates, J. D. Hauenstein, A. J. Sommese,
and C. W. Wampler II 21
A primer on Seshadri constants
T. Bauer, S. Di Rocco, B. Harbourne, M. Kapustka, A. Knutsen,
W. Syzdek, and T. Szemberg 33
A view on extending morphisms from ample divisors
M. C. Beltrametti and P. Ionescu 71
Isotropic models of evolution with symmetries
W. Buczynska, ´ M. Donten, and J. A. Wi´ sniewski 111
Special scrolls whose base curve has general moduli
A. Calabri, C. Ciliberto, F. Flamini, and R. Miranda 133
On varieties whose universal cover is a product of curves (with an appendix
by A. J. Di Scala)
F. Catanese and M. Franciosi 157
Ideals of numeric realizations of configurations of lines
B. H. Dayton 181
The standard filtration on cohomology with compact supports with an
appendix on the base change map and the Lefschetz hyperplane theorem
M. A. A. de Cataldo 199
A family of exceptional Stewart Gough mechanisms of genus 7
F. Geiss and F.-O. Schreyer 221
Numerical computation of the dimensions of the cohomology of twists of ideal
J. D. Hauenstein, J. C. Migliore, C. Peterson,
and A. J. Sommese 235
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