Polyhedral methods in numerical algebraic geometry
J. Verschelde 243
Double covers of Del Pezzo manifolds and bielliptic curve sections
A. Lanteri and H. Maeda 265
Total degree vs. mixed volume
T. Y. Li, X. Wang, and Y. Zhang 283
Varieties swept out by Grassmanians of lines
R. Munoz
and L. E.
a Conde 303
Submanifolds with ample normal bundles and a conjecture of Hartshorne
T. Peternell 317
A complete kinematic analysis of the SNU 3-UPU parallel robot
D. R. Walter, M. L. Husty, and M. Pfurner 331
The closedness subspace method for computing the multiplicity structure of a
polynomial system
Z. Zeng 347
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