Introduction vii
Classifying foliations
S. Hurder 1
Classifying spaces for groupoid structures
T. Tsuboi 67
Compact foliations with Bott-Morse singularities
B. Scardua
and J. Seade 83
Dynamiques Source-Puits et Flots transversalement affines
G. Hector and M. A. Chaouch 99
Structurally stable singular actions of
having a first integral
J. L. Arraut and C. Maquera 127
The parameter rigid flows on orientable 3-manifolds
S. Matsumoto 135
The Euler class of planar groups
D. Calegari 141
Global fixed points for groups of homeomorphisms of the circle
Y. Matsuda 151
Orthogonal total foliations: Godbillon-Vey forms via local conformal invariants
P. G. Walczak 155
Prescribed mean curvature hypersurfaces in warped products
F. J. Andrade, J. L. M. Barbosa, and J. H. S. de Lira 161
On Thurston’s inequality for spinnable foliations
H. Kodama, Y. Mitsumatsu, S. Miyoshi, and A. Mori 173
Reeb components and Thurston’s inequality
S. Miyoshi and A. Mori 195
Wrinkled embeddings
Y. M. Eliashberg and N. N. Mishachev 207
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