CON'l'EN'l'S Preface xiii I. Baaic theory of producta of rapdoa matricea A. Overview a: Limit theorem• for product! of raDdoa matricea: a compariaon of two pointt of view 10SEPB C. WATKINS 5 Oseledec'a multiplicative eraodic theorem: a proof '11IB EDITORS 23 Products of random matrices: converaence theorems Y. GUIVARC'B AND A. llAUGI 31 Examples of application of Oseledec'a theorem. I Dimenaion and dynamical systems. II Poisson boundary of random walta on discrete aroups of matricea FRAN~IS LEDKAPPIER 55 B. Perturbation theory: Multiplicative eraodic theorem• for random diffeomorphiama YURI KIFER Furstenbera-Kesten resulta: asymptotic analyais STEVEN PINCUS 67 79 Stability of exponential arowth rate for randomly perturbed random matrix producta via Markov-chain araumenta ERIC V. SLUD 87 Representation, positivity and expanaion of Lyapuaov exponenta for linear stochaatic syatems VOLKER WmSTUTZ 93 C. Theory of matrix producta: Oa uaifo:r:m contraction aenerated by poaitive matrices MACIEl W01TI:OWSKI D. Connections with spectral theory: Lyapunov exponent• for some producta of random matrices: exact expreaaions aDd asymptotic diatributiona CHARLES M. NEWMAN II. Spectral th!ory of rapdom matricea A brief survey on the apectral radiua aDd the spectral diatribution of larae random matricea with i.i.d. entriea 109 121 CBII-RUEY HWANG 145 ix
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