The papers in this volume, like the participants at the Bowdoin meeting,
represent well the world community of mathematics and mathematical sciences.
At the meeting were contributors and participants whose national origins or
nationalities included China and Taiwan, France, Germany, Greece, India,
Israel, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, and the United States.
In recognition of the outstanding contributions of Soviet mathematicians to
the field, the organizers extended invitations to several through official
channels but unfortunately received no response.
The organizers are grateful to the National Science Foundation for
financial support of the meeting, to Bowdoin College for a most congenial
setting, to the sponsoring organizations (Institute of Mathematical
Statistics, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, American
Mathematical Society), and to the AMS for administrative support in the
friendly and effective person of Carole Kohanski. The organizers of this
conference are grateful to the Organizing Committee of the Joint Summer
Research Conferences, R. 0. Wells, Jr., Chairman, and in particular to member
James Glimm, for the invitation to organize this conference and prepare a
volume of papers based on it. Anne Marie Welna provided administrative and
secretarial assistance in producing this book.
Joel E. Cohen
Harry Kesten
Charles M. Newman
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