List of Conference Talks Monday, August 18 Anand Dessai Some applications of elliptic genera to group actions and positive curvature Tuesday, August 19 Nat` alia Castellana Constructing maps between classifying spaces of p-local finite groups Assaf Libman The Burnside ring of a saturated fusion sys- tem Kasper Andersen The isogeny theorem for p-compact groups Clemens Berger The lattice path operad Benoˆ ıt Fresse Koszul duality of the chain little cubes op- erads Short communications Jonathan Barmak Simple homotopy types and finite spaces Simona Paoli Algebraic Andr´ e-Quillen homology and higher categorical structures My Ismail Mamouni Lower bounds on the cohomological dimen- sion of elliptic spaces Wednesday, August 20 Bjørn Ian Dundas Witt rings Lars Hesselholt K-theory of the dual numbers Christian Schlichtkrull Higher topological Hochschild homology of Thom spectra Birgit Richter An involution on the K-theory of (some) bimonoidal categories Holger Reich Algebraic K-theory of virtually cyclic groups xi
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