Contents Preface ix List of Conference Talks xi List of Participants xiii L-complete Hopf algebroids and their comodules A. Baker 1 The lattice path operad and Hochschild cochains M. A. Batanin and C. Berger 23 Open-closed field theories, string topology, and Hochschild homology A. J. Blumberg, R. L. Cohen, and C. Teleman 53 Cellular covers of divisible abelian groups W. Chacholski, ´ E. D. Farjoun, R. Gobel, ¨ and Y. Segev 77 Some geometric properties of the Witten genus A. Dessai 99 Localization and cellularization of principal fibrations W. G. Dwyer and E. D. Farjoun 117 Operadic cobar constructions, cylinder objects and homotopy morphisms of algebras over operads B. Fresse 125 Involutions on the rational K-theory of group rings of finite groups B. Jahren 189 A quick trip through localization J. A. Neisendorfer 203 Divided power structures and chain complexes B. Richter 237 vii
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