Contents Preface ix Guillermo opez Lagomasino: Mathematical life Francisco Marcell´ and Andrei Mart´ ınez-Finkelshtein 1 A walk through approximation theory Bernardo de la Calle Ysern 25 Asymptotic uniqueness of best rational approximants to complex Cauchy transforms in L2 of the circle Laurent Baratchart and Maxim Yattselev 87 Quadrature rules on the unit circle. A survey. Luis Garza and Francisco Marcell´ 113 On the multilinear trigonometric problem of moments Alberto Ibort, Pablo Linares, and Jose G. LLavona 141 Multiple orthogonal polynomial ensembles Arno B. J. Kuijlaars 155 Some equivalent formulations of universality limits in the bulk Eli Levin and Doron S. Lubinsky 177 Greedy energy points with external fields Abey Lopez ´ Garc´ 189 On asymptotic behavior of Heine-Stieltjes and Van Vleck polynomials Andrei Mart´ ınez-Finkelshtein and Evgenii A. Rakhmanov 209 Remarks on relative asymptotics for general orthogonal polynomials Edward B. Saff 233 Fine structure of the zeros of orthogonal polynomials: A progress report Barry Simon 241 A potential-theoretic problem connected with complex orthogonality Herbert Stahl 255 Orthogonal polynomials and approximation theory: Some open problems Walter Van Assche 287 vii
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