Plenary Talks
Gabai, David Volumes of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
Minicozzi, William The Rate of Change of Width under Flows
Hamenstadt, Ursula Dynamical Properties of the Teichm¨ uller Flow
Leininger, Christopher Curve Complexes and Punctured Surfaces
Schwartz, Richard Outer Billiards on Kites
Rhode, Steffan SLE and Random Quasiconformal Maps
Eskin, Alex The Hodge Norm and the Hyperbolic
Behaviour of the Teichm¨ uller Geodesic Flow
Reid, Alan The Lubotzky-Sarnak Conjecture and the
Topology of Arithmetic Hyperbolic
Smirnov, Stanislav Conformal Invariance and Universality
in the 2D Ising Model
Goldman, William Deformations of Geometric Structures on
Surfaces and 3-manifolds
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