Preface ix
Plenary Talks xi
Iterated monodromy for a two-dimensional map
James Belk and Sarah Koch 1
Orientation-reversing involutions of the genus 3 Arnoux-Yoccoz surface and
related surfaces
Joshua P. Bowman 13
A family of Riemann surfaces with orientation reversing automorphisms
Emilio Bujalance and Francisco-Javier Cirre 25
Unramified prime covers of hyperelliptic curves and pairs of p−gonal curves
Luis Arenas-Carmona and Anita M. Rojas 35
Prym and Prym-Tyurin varieties: A group-theoretical construction
Angel Carocca, Herbert Lange,
ı E.
and Anita M. Rojas 49
Stretching three-holed spheres and the Margulis invariant
Virginie Charette, Todd A. Drumm, and William Goldman 61
Teichm¨ uller geometry of moduli space, II: M(S) seen from far away
Benson Farb and Howard Masur 71
Mom technology and hyperbolic 3-manifolds
David Gabai, Robert Meyerhoff, and Peter Milley 81
Dynamical properties of the Weil-Petersson metric
Ursula Hamenstadt
Equidistribution of horocyclic flows on complete hyperbolic surfaces of finite
John H. Hubbard and Robyn L. Miller 129
A cofinite universal space for proper actions for mapping class groups
Lizhen Ji and Scott A. Wolpert 151
On sequences of finitely generated discrete groups
Michael Kapovich 165
A fake Schottky group in Mod(S)
Richard P. Kent IV and Christopher J. Leininger 185
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