Alexander Ioffe is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the Technion
Israel Institute of Technology. He was born on July 28, 1938. His father was a
military engineer and his mother was a philologist. Professor Ioffe received M.A.
degrees from the Moscow Institute of Aviational Engineering (1961) and the Moscow
State University (1966), and his Ph.D. degree from the Moscow Central Institute of
AeroHydroDynamics (1967). He got an honorary doctoral degree (Doctor Honoris
Causa) from Keio University in Tokyo in 2006. Professor Ioffe did research and
taught at the Moscow R & D Institute of Radio Industry (1961-1972), the Moscow
State University (1969-1972), the Moscow Institute of Highway Engineering (1972-
1987), and at the Technion (1988-2006). In 1976, after applying for an exit visa
to Israel, Alexander Ioffe was dismissed from his academic position in the Moscow
Institute of Highway Engineering. He and his family then spent more than 11 years
as refuseniks. Professor Ioffe has more than 130 publications in Nonlinear Anal-
ysis and Optimization. His classical monograph “Theory of Extremal Problems”
written jointly with V. M. Tikhomirov was published in 1974 and translated into
English and German in 1979. It has had great influence on researches in the area.
His wife, an engineer by education, is retired now. He has two children and three
grandchildren. His son Dima is a professor at the Technion and his daughter Anna
is a professional translator and interpreter (Hebrew-Russian-English-French).
Simeon Reich was born in Krak´ ow in 1948. He is a Professor of Mathematics
at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, where he received his B.Sc. (1970)
and D.Sc. (1973) degrees. He taught previously at Tel Aviv University,
the University of Chicago, the University of Southern California, the University
of California at Berkeley, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and the
Tokyo Institute of Technology. Professor Reich has had twelve Ph.D. students, and
his list of publications contains two monographs and more than 300 research papers
on Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization. His areas of research include nonlinear
operator theory, nonlinear evolution and integral equations, infinite-dimensional
holomorphy, the identification and estimation of nonlinear distributed parameter
systems, and sequential and parallel algorithms in feasibility and optimization.
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