I: Nonlinear Analysis
Preface ix
Biographies xi
Conference Program xiii
List of Participants xix
Existence-Uniqueness Results and Difference Approximations for an
Amphibian Juvenile-Adult Model
A. S. Ackleh, K. Deng, and Q. Huang 1
Three Nontrivial Solutions for p-Laplacian Neumann Problems with a Concave
Nonlinearity Near the Origin
S. Aizicovici, N. S. Papageorgiou, and V. Staicu 25
Optimal Stabilizable Feedback Controller for Navier-Stokes Equations
V. Barbu 43
Firmly Nonexpansive and Kirszbraun-Valentine Extensions: A Constructive
Approach via Monotone Operator Theory
H. H. Bauschke and X. Wang 55
On the Random Product of Orthogonal Projections in Hilbert Space II
R. E. Bruck 65
A Mosco Stability Theorem for the Generalized Proximal Mapping
D. Butnariu, E. Resmerita, and S. Sabach 99
Generalized Relaxations of Nonexpansive Operators and Convex Feasibility
A. Cegielski 111
Sparse String-Averaging and Split Common Fixed Points
Y. Censor and A. Segal 125
Genericity of the Fixed Point Property for Reflexive Spaces under Renormings
ınguez Benavides and S. Phothi 143
Mean Lipschitzian Mappings
K. Goebel and B. Sims 157
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