Preface vii
Differentially 4-uniform functions
Yves Aubry and Franc ¸ois Rodier 1
Computing Hironaka’s invariants: Ridge and directrix

emy Berthomieu, Pascal Hivert and Hussein Mourtada 9
Nondegenerate curves of low genus over small finite fields
Wouter Castryck and John Voight 21
Faster side-channel resistant elliptic curve scalar multiplication
Alexandre Venelli and Franc ¸ois Dassance 29
Non lin´earit´ e des fonctions bool´ eennes donn´ ees par des polynˆ omes de degr´e
binaire 3 efinies sur F2m avec m pair
Eric Ferard
and Franc ¸ois Rodier 41
A note on a maximal curve
Arnaldo Garcia and Henning Stichtenoth 55
Computing Humbert surfaces and applications
David Gruenewald 59
Genus 3 curves with many involutions and application to maximal curves in
characteristic 2
Enric Nart and Christophe Ritzenthaler 71
Uniqueness of low genus optimal curves over F2
Alessandra Rigato 87
Group order formulas for reductions of CM elliptic curves
Alice Silverberg 107
Families of explicit isogenies of hyperelliptic Jacobians
Benjamin Smith 121
Computing congruences of modular forms and Galois representations modulo
prime powers
es i Ventosa and Gabor Wiese 145
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