Preface vii
The Eigenvalues of Oppositeness Graphs in Buildings of Spherical Type
Andries E. Brouwer 1
On the Dynamic Chromatic Number of Graphs
S. Akbari, M. Ghanbari, and S. Jahanbekam 11
Signed Domination of Graphs and (0, 1)-Matrices
Adam H. Berliner, Richard A. Brualdi, Louis Deaett,
Totally Balanced Test-Control Incomplete Crossover Designs and Their
Statistical Applications
A. S. Hedayat and Wei Zheng 43
Euclidean Designs and Coherent Configurations
Eiichi Bannai and Etsuko Bannai 59
Maps with Highest Level of Symmetry That Are Even More Symmetric Than
Other Such Maps: Regular Maps with Largest Exponent Groups
Sir ´ˇ a n and Yan Wang 95
A Note on Finite Groups Determined by a Combinatorial Property
A. Rahnamai Barghi 103
On the Zeros of Domination Polynomial of a Graph
S. Akbari, S. Alikhani, M. R. Oboudi, and Y. H. Peng 109
List Coloring of Graphs with Cycles of Length Divisible by a Given Integer
S. Akbari, A. Doni, M. Ghanbari, S. Jahanbekam,
and A. Saito 117
On Generalized Lucas Sequences
Qiang Wang 127
On Cycle-Free Lattices
Amin Sakzad and Mohammad-Reza Sadeghi 143
On the Rational Independence Roots
Saieed Akbari, Mohammad Reza Oboudi, and Sahar Qajar 149
Graphs Cospectral with Kneser Graphs
Willem H. Haemers and Farzaneh Ramezani 159
Kiernan, Seth A. Meyer, and Michael W. Schroeder Kathleen P .
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