Contents Preface vii Past Invited Speakers at BEST ix Some Positive Results in the Context of Universal Models Mirna zamonja 1 A Survey of D-spaces Gary Gruenhage 13 Combinatorics of Filters and Ideals Michael Hruˇ´ 29 More Structural Consequences of AD Richard Ketchersid 71 αi-selection Principles and Games Ljubiˇ D.R. Kocinac ˇ 107 Jensen’s Diamond Principle and Its Relatives Assaf Rinot 125 Paracompactness and Normality in Box Products: Old and New Judith Roitman 157 Some Problems and Techniques in Set-Theoretic Topology Franklin D. Tall 183 Menger’s and Hurewicz’s Problems: Solutions from “The Book” and Refinements Boaz Tsaban 211 A Trichotomy Theorem in Natural Models of AD+ Andr´ E. Caicedo and Richard Ketchersid 227 The Coinitialities of Efimov Spaces Stefan Geschke 259 Uniforming n-place Functions on Well Founded Trees Esther Gruenhut and Saharon Shelah 267 A Classical Proof of the Kanovei-Zapletal Canonization Benjamin D. Miller 281 Lords of the Iteration Andrzej Ros lanowski and Saharon Shelah 287 v
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