Preface vii
Resolution of Smooth Group Actions
P. Albin, R. Melrose 1
Geometric Methods in the Analysis of Non-linear Flows in Porous Media
E. Aulisa, A. Ibragimov, M. Toda 27
Artificial Black Holes
G. Eskin 43
Semiclassical Spectral Asymptotics for a Two-Dimensional
Magnetic Schr¨ odinger Operator: The Case of Discrete Wells
B. Helffer, Y. A. Kordyukov 55
Sobolev Mapping Properties of the Scattering Transform
for the Schr¨ odinger Equation
R. O. Hryniv, Y. V. Mykytyuk, P. A. Perry 79
Local Spectral Asymptotics for 2D-Schr¨ odinger Operators
with Strong Magnetic Field near the Boundary
V. Ivrii 95
On Normalized Diffrerentials on Families of Curves of Infinite Genus
T. Kappeler, P. Lohrmann, P. Topalov 109
Characteristic Classes and Zeroth Order Pseudodifferential Operators
A. Larrain-Hubach, S. Rosenberg, S. Scott,
F. Torres-Ardila 141
Tropical Mathematics, Idempotent Analysis, Classical Mechanics and Geometry
G. L. Litvinov 159
A Transversal Fredholm Property for the
on G-bundles
J. J. Perez 187
Abrikosov Lattice Solutions of the Ginzburg-Landau Equations
T. Tsaneteas, I. M. Sigal 195
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